Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nabokov Island

I don't really care about the Red Wings, the Islanders, or Evgeni Nabokov. And I'm not too thrilled about the Capitals right now, but the all-star break should give them some time to clear their heads.

But I find it funny that the ex-Sharks goalie got ready for a return to the NHL by signing with the Red Wings and then was "Nab"bed from the waiver wire by the Islanders. This is like getting into someone's car to go to a 4-star restaurant and then getting dropped off at a Stuckey's. Or the Nassau Coliseum.

Then, Nabokov refused to even talk to the Islanders GM (he only wanted to jinx a contender like the Wings), so they just suspended him. This reminds me of when students would be suspended from class for cutting class. Very effective.

I realize the Islanders were probably just trying to look cool in front of the rest of the league by stopping the Wings from getting Nabokov. If they didn't do it, someone else would. If hockey is trying to improve ratings and look less arcane to everyday Americans, then this kind of bizarre situation should do the trick.

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