Wednesday, September 16, 2009


On the heels of the ESPN Boston fiasco, I came across another abomination: Supahfans Streetwear. This is where some of those awful Boston sports T-shirts that you may have seen around, or that I probably saw you wearing today, come from. The design elements of the amateurish election shirts on the home page are almost as poorly chosen as the athletes' names in the imaginary — and frightening — Boston sports electoral tickets.1

I did some more snooping and found another site that's almost as bad: Chowdaheadz.2 The dog bowl seen in the image above is from Chowdaheadz, and I believe it's an exact replica of the bowl from which Zdeno Chara eats his dinner each night.

This description on the SupahFans site sums it up for me: "SupahFans Streetwear is a t-shirt company designing smart products that speak to your New England soul. Kinda like those If-you're-not-from-here-ya-wouldn't-understand concepts that mean just a little more to you because we're on the inside together." No, I understand it. You're proud of spelling stuff wrong.

1. OK, I guess they mostly make sense. But again, I don't get the Lucic obsession in this town. I hate to admit it, but there could be some half-decent Bruins to pair with Thomas on a fake election ticket. Lucic isn't one of them.
2. Note that it's never enough to spell "chowder" like "chowda." Here, folks go the extra mile and add a z.


  1. Your footnotes (endnotes?) are "wicked."

  2. I too am impressed by your footnotes. How do you do that?

    Also if you don't post again I'm going to stop following you. It's really depressing to stop by three times a day and realize I have nothing better to do.