Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Behind enemy lines

It's hard rooting for the Washington Redskins in Boston. Not because I might get attacked for wearing a Redskins hat around town or for supporting them in a sports bar. It's hard because "rooting for the Redskins" probably means "digging for potatoes" to most Bostonians. It may well be the case that no one is supposed to care about the Redskins — even the Redskins don't want you to like the Redskins. And their owner, Dan Snyder, sometimes makes even my baseball team's owner, Peter Angelos, look like Steve Jobs.1

But I support my teams anyway, so I'm mostly looking forward to the Skins' season opener against the Giants this Sunday afternoon because the Patriots aren't playing at the same time. That means there's a slight chance that a TV in a sports bar in the whole Boston area will accidentally be tuned to the Redskins game for just a few minutes before the bar's management discovers that it meant to show either bass fishing or St. Louis vs. Seattle. 2

1. Other times, Angelos makes Snyder look like Jobs. It's a vicious cycle, but Jobs tends to win.
2. My money's on bass fishing.

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