Monday, September 14, 2009

ESPN Boston? That's dumb.

Today, a helpful tip from Garden Pest Nithin: "I'd like to point out that on the main page of ESPN right now after an amazing weekend of sports, the cover article is not the TD tour de force of Drew Brees, the incredible shot by Roger Federer, or even the always safe go-to article about Brett Favre. Rather, the main article is the creation of a new site, to provide information on all things Boston sports. Now as a fan of the Red Sox (albeit less so after the facade of non-Steriod use has been shown wholly false), the focus on Boston as the second city in the US to receive an ESPN website (Chicago #1) may prove that this blog is indeed on to something."

Well put, Nithin. Note: Click here or on the image for the official Garden Pest take on this whole thing.


  1. What's really offensive about it all is that Harvard Crew doesn't get a tab on the "quicklinks" bar. What were they thinking!?

  2. I know -- they can't even get that right.